"Service to others is the rent we pay for our space on this Earth" - Anonymous

Saturday's/Sunday's Bread served
free hot meals to people in need in Boston 
every weekend day for over 30 years. But today we are in need of a location in which to serve our meals.

 If you can help with a suggestion of a location or with a major financial contribution, please click here.

Saturday's/Sunday's Bread is a program that served free hot meals to people in need in Boston every Saturday and Sunday from 1983 to 2015. We served about 10,000 meals a year. Our mission is to provide healthy meals in a safe and inviting atmosphere, free from prejudice or judgment. We ask only that those served, regardless of their situation, join us in perpetuating an environment free of racial, cultural or religious stereotypes.

This is a nondenominational, all-volunteer activity by people concerned with the hungry in the Boston area. Over the course of its 30-plus years, Saturday's/Sunday's Bread has served more than 350,000 guests.

But in 2015 our host church, St John the Evangelist on Beacon Hill, merged with another congregation and sold its building. We were forced to suspend our meals program. We had already begun negotiations with Union United Methodist Church in the South End, but the plan to open at Union was based on a capital campaign to build a needed kitchen. That capital campaign has stalled and Saturday's/Sunday's Bread is still looking for a home.

If you know of a church or other organization in Central Boston with a 100-seat dining room and a large kitchen that would be free for four hours every weekend day,


Could make a donation that could have a substantial impact on Union's $2 million capital campaign...

Please contact Mark Metzger, Saturday's/Sunday's Bread president at saturdaysandsundaysbread@gmail.com.

Thank you!